Host Message

Embu Water and Sanitation Company Limited (EWASCO) wishes to welcome all in Embu County in this 10th Edition that will take place here in Embu for a period of four days. The games are meant to bring together various staff from different water companies from the country to show their talents. Through sports, we are calling the community across the nation to help reducing of Non-Revenue Water by reporting to relevant offices. Currently, EWASCO is supplying to 200,000 people from Embu town and rural areas. Through the support of various partners that include JICA , World Bank, Water Services Trust Fund and KFW of Germany, EWASCO is able to supply water within a radius of 1000 square kilometres from the initial 80 square kilometres. To cover our mandated area and as well as the community demand involving 1750 Square Kilometres with more than 280,000 people, EWASCO will have to seek for 600 million shillings to ensure the about 90,000 people remaining get clean domestic water 24 hours a day. The company calling upon the National government through the Cabinet Secretary for Water and our partners to help EWASCO raise Ksh600 million so that we can supply sufficient clean,domestic water to the lower semi-arid areas where women and children have always been eaten by crocodiles while fetching water from River Tana and Thimba, which are tens of kilometres away from their homes . Sanitation is also another key responsibility of the organisation. When EWASCO was established back in 2005, the sewerage system was in a very poor condition and only covered 16 percent of Embu municipality. EWASCO quickly improved it, adding its treatment capacity from 1000 to 1,500 cubic meters per day. However, with the growth in population, this is not enough and through the world bank EWASCO, has secured a loan of Ksh450 million from the cooperative bank through support of world bank to expand its capacity..