Water Company Sports Organisation. Connecting Water Services through sports

Bringing the water family together to play and also improve services

10 th edition hosted by Embu Water Company in partnership with Embu County Government

Connecting Water Services through sports

The Water Companies Organisation (WASCO) was originally formed as a Sports Association(WASCA) in January 2010 by Employees of Water Companies operating in Kenya

Host Message

Embu Water and Sanitation Company Limited (EWASCO) wishes to welcome all in Embu County in this 10th Edition that will take place here in Embu for a period of four days.

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About Us

WASCO formed in January 2010 by employees of water companies. The main purpose of the Organisation is to provide a forum for employees to interact while competing in sports and cultural activities.


Theme of 10th Edition WASCO Games is Promoting Team building and Healthy Workforce for Enhanced Service Delivery.This auger well with the desire by all Water Service Providers to enhance level of service delivery


These are small groups of people formed with the intention of making decisions about issues or taking action at task. The Committee members are viewed as the management of the organisation. the members have set roles and jobs to complete.


Events include sports which are established on the skills of running, jumping, ball games, indoor games and throwing. Record are kept of the best perfomances in specific events, at all levels.

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